Loma Linda, CA (Dec 2, 2018): Professional Consulting Technologies, LLC announced today it has been awarded announced  awarded federal contract#36C26219P0369 for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Loma Linda Healthcare System (VALLHCS).

PROCON system engineers will perform a complete VALLHC radio assessment within the VA Loma Linda Healthcare Systems buildings and facilities to include the main building, ACC, business centers, clinics, outpatient clinics, storage areas, trailers, admin buildings, Riverside National Cemetery, and all external areas/grounds associated with the above listed locations, etc.

Engineers will perform a mired of scope requirements ranging from, assessing:

  • Approximately (310) total radios on the healthcare systems equipment inventory to include (45) Police Service designated handheld radios.
  • Provide full coverage and are compatible and inter-operable with other VALLHCS radio and county emergency services/communication systems; including:
    • Motorola APX 8000
    • ICOM F60, F4 series
    • Intermec Technologies
    • XP 7500 desktop consoles
    • Install and an uninstalled antennas, unused bases, and unused remotes
  • Mobilize to customer’s location to inspect & inventory the current radio systems; include results in assessment report.
  • Overlay each floor plan and location with a grid and perform a coverage test of the existing systems; include results in assessment report.
  • Map the cable route of the existing systems throughout the VA Loma Linda Facilities and designated areas, by floor, and space.
  • Inspect the current systems, conduct a current systems Evaluation; include results in assessment report.
  • Conduct a Signal Strength Testing
  • Provide data analysis; include results in assessment report.
  • Provide vendor summary assessment, identify known and possible “dead zones” of limited, reduced, and/or no coverage and ways to mitigate it.
  • Provide a draft and a final comprehensive assessment report

Authorized for official release.