Organizations are assured equipment and resources will perform optimally as PROCON provides provide superior engineering and maintenance services. Your architecture peripherals are inclusive within PROCONs Network Operations (NetOps) concept of operations. Software and hardware spanning all levels of the Open System Interconnection (OSI) Model.

PROCONs staff of engineers and system administrators are professionally certified to install, operate, and maintain commercial and government facility technology solutions. We are experienced in following commercial industry standards, Defense Enterprise Computing Center (DECC), Director of Information Management (DOIM), government technology regulations, and technical manuals to support information technology,

Our team of experts are ready to relieve you of the complexities involved in Facility Engineering and Maintenance Planning.

Call today to discuss enhancing your management operations and technology maintenance efforts and achieve reliable service and support.


Network Installation and Support

Network Troubleshooting

Administration and Monitoring

Full-Service Network and Security Administrators

Cisco Routers/Switches/Call Manager

Installation & Maintenance

Network Planning and Documentation

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Data and Fiber Cabling

Application and Desktop Management

Hardware and Software Procurement

Wide and Local Area Network Support

Desktop Solutions

Cloud Computing

Virtualization Architectures

Data Storage

Data Processing & Hosting