Most organizations have come to realize that cyber security is a persistent business risk. But as the frequency and costs of data breaches continue to climb, it has become clear that IT security programs are lacking, and critical information security processes, technologies and staffing needs are not being met.

With effective security program governance, PROCON helps companies establish proactive security strategies and ensure that they have the people, processes and technologies in place to secure their data, their intellectual property and their brand.

With best-in-class technology solutions, expert advisory services, managed services and customized testing in our state-of-the-art technology evaluation center (TEC) we help you understand the scope and components of a comprehensive approach to security, and establish a repeatable, measurable program that helps to develop business relevance. We work to ensure your organization’s long-term security by helping you evaluate your current security state and develop an actionable roadmap to an optimized state that is based on strategic business objectives.

Security Strategy

Many organizations continue to use compliance as a guide to IT security. This leads IT teams to focus on checking boxes rather than thinking about security strategy; as soon as they accomplish their goal of compliance, they stop thinking about security and move on. Compliance does not equal security. It is a minimum requirement, and is not enough to protect an organization from the strategies and tactics used by hackers today.

PROCON helps you develop proactive security strategies that focus on the assets that need protection and align them with specific business risks. We offer a full range of advisory services including security program, development, compliance readiness, and incident response and threat assessments to help you set policy and develop a cohesive approach to prevention, detection and response.

Governance & Risk Compliance

Enterprises continue to struggle with questions about how to identify, prioritize and structure their IT governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) efforts. PROCON partners with the leading providers of GRC platforms that support business-level management of these initiatives. With GRC, PROCON helps you adapt each product to your requirements, build your own applications and integrate with other systems without touching code. In addition to the leading GRC solutions, we offer expert GRC maturity assessments and various security compliance assessments.

Incident Response

No company is immune to cyber attacks. No matter how well your network is protected, eventually there will be a security incident, and the ability to respond is critical to the health of your organization.

PROCON helps organizations develop and implement a comprehensive incident response strategy that defines roles and responsibilities and details the specific processes, procedures and use cases needed to effectively manage a significant information security event. We offer a full range of professional services that cover the entire incident response lifecycle, including:

  • Incident response policy development
  • Incident response plan development
  • Cyber security liability insurance coverage review
  • Distributed denial-of-service readiness assessment and planning
  • Facilitated tabletop exercises
  • Breach simulation
  • Forensic service retainer agreements
  • SIEM strategy, implementation and managed services
  • Case management tools and automation

We help you build incident response capabilities and take an organized approach to addressing and managing security incidents so you can minimize the impact on your organization.