With Internet-connected services, organizations are providing unprecedented access to information that makes it easier to conduct business and enhance user experience. However, this has enabled malicious actors to exploit information without having physical access to the organization. Companies are, in effect, leaving the doors unlocked, creating threats and vulnerabilities they never anticipated.

The “bad guys” have taken advantage of these vulnerabilities. They have developed an entire ecosystem, organizing around the steps they go through to break in and steal data, and buying and selling services to one another. There is an active international underground for cyber weapons; if the attacker that is targeting a company doesn’t have the skills needed to breach it, he or she can now buy them online.

PROCON helps you take a disciplined, programmatic approach to discovering and mitigating threats and vulnerabilities. We offer best-in-class technology solutions, expert implementation and advisory services through our Threat Assessment Program, managed services, and customized testing in our state-of-the-art Technology Evaluation Center (TEC) to help you address all facets of threat and vulnerability management.

Security Analytics

Enterprises are flooded with data of all types, accumulating terabytes—or even petabytes—of information. It’s one thing to collect it; it’s another thing entirely to make sense of it. Big data security analytics solutions feature storage and processing technologies designed specifically for large data volumes. These systems combine network monitoring, traditional log-centric SIEM, forensics, compliance, and big data management and analytics to enable intelligence-driven threat detection and faster security investigations. By taking advantage of a huge volume and wide scope of data, much of which is already available in the enterprise, they can help provide the context and visibility that enables real-time insight—a persistent stare—into events that spring not only from traditional IT environments, but also from mobile, social media, cloud and Internet activities.

Additionally, user behavior analytics (UBA) help to detect insider threats, targeted attacks and financial fraud by making it easier for enterprises to gain visibility into user behavior patterns and identify malicious actors and intruders. UBA platforms augment SIEM by providing advanced profiling and anomaly detection that is not dependent on identity and access management policy definitions for roles and authorization rights.

PROCON partners with the leading security analytics manufacturers and offers comprehensive services including:

  • Network and security architecture assessments
  • Strategy planning
  • Technology evaluation
  • Installation and configuration
  • Optimization and tuning
  • Staff augmentation

Threat Intelligence

The majority of successful cyber attacks are effectively zero-day, exploiting unknown software vulnerabilities. They can easily evade “set it and forget it” prevention-based tool sets that block potential threats based on signatures and known patterns of behavior. The traditional strategy of waiting for an attack is no longer enough. Protecting data in today’s complex threat environment requires actionable intelligence that can be used to develop informed tactics for mitigating current threats, and to plan for threats that may exist in the future.

While many companies have the resources to act on intelligence, they don’t have enough to generate it. Threat intelligence services provide high-quality, actionable information about the security threat environment that most enterprises cannot acquire on their own.

PROCON partners with the leading providers of threat intelligence services, and offers expert advisory services that facilitate the integration of various threat feeds into your security program. We help you understand the type of intelligence you need and how it should be utilized, so that you can effectively absorb and react to the information provided.

Security Monitoring

Early detection of cyber attacks is critical; it is imperative to know when an attack is underway, and how to gather evidence to be able to understand its purpose and origin.

Organizations can leverage tools such as network forensic platforms to monitor network traffic in near-real-time, and detect suspicious activities as soon as possible. This bolsters overall response capabilities, and provides regulatory reporting and audit support.

Many advanced security monitoring tools work well in conjunction with more traditional defenses such as firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, antivirus, gateways, and security information and event management (SIEM). With the right staff and operational support behind them, these tools can facilitate comprehensive and effective network visibility.

PROCON partners with the leading manufacturers of security monitoring tools, and offers expert advisory services such as network and security design assessments, technology evaluations, installation and configuration. We help you gain insight into how attacks occur, what information may be compromised, and the relative effect of your defenses so you can recover quickly and continue to improve your security posture.

Network-Based Malware Protection

Malware has become so pervasive that in a typical week, many organizations receive thousands of malware alerts, and spend hundreds of hours remediating infections and chasing false positives.

Traditional security controls such as firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, anti-virus and security gateways cannot stop the types of malware being used by today’s hackers. Dedicated malware protection platforms enable organizations to identify and respond to network-based zero-day exploit attempts, web drive-by downloads, and advanced malware that routinely bypass conventional signature-reliant defenses.

PROCON helps companies in all industries detect, understand and remediate malware outbreaks. Our comprehensive approach goes beyond traditional security solutions to provide better network visibility and effective tools to disarm malware and stop infections before they happen again.

PROCON partners with leading malware protection providers, and offers expert advisory services including vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, security architecture assessments, social engineering assessments and malware assessments. PROCON’s Malware Assessment is conducted by PROCON security consultants using a methodical, phased approach that facilitates the identification and remediation of advanced malware. A purpose-built malware scanning platform is used to determine the presence of both known and zero-day malware attempting communication callbacks to command-and-control servers. The data collected during the assessment is analyzed, and results are compiled into a detailed report of threats present on your network, the severity of infections, and the organizational risk posed by attacks that cannot be addressed by the security technologies currently in use. Through a combination of monitoring technology, data gathering and expert analysis, we provide you with actionable intelligence about zero-day threats on your network and help shorten your response time to quickly remediate malware-based attacks.

Incident Response

Escalating cyber attacks and the reduced effectiveness of preventative controls have strengthened the need for enterprise-scale security incident response. When security measures fail, the ability to respond to an attack is critical.

PROCON helps you develop and implement a comprehensive incident response strategy that defines roles and responsibilities and details the specific processes, procedures and use cases needed to effectively manage a significant information security event. We offer a full range of professional services that cover the entire incident response lifecycle, and help identify the actions of the attacker, the scope of the breach, the information that has been compromised, and the right approach to removing the attacker and securing the network.

Our partners have performed hundreds of incident response investigations across all industries and technical environments. We work with you to handle each incident so that it can be quickly contained and investigated while minimizing the impact of the event on your organization.