PROCONs vision is based on the understanding that “information technology” is one of our nation’s greatest sources of power. We offer solutions to synchronize this source of power to strategically align enterprise services and solutions by leveraging our highly skilled and innovative workforce. We synchronize commercial vendor capabilities with emerging federal, public, and government requirements to best support Command and Control (C2), Net-Centric visions, and commercialization.

PROCON offers a broad-range of innovative technology-enabled service solutions to Department of Defense (DoD), military service branches, commercial entities, strategic alliances, global partners, contractors, and organizations dependent upon information technology.

Overcoming information technology and security boundaries and enabling the customer to achieve greater has been PROCONs objective since inception. After multiple combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, President and CEO Ron Moore realized the importance of knowledge network-information sharing to America’s national security. Consequentially, the PROCON strategy was formed to break down geographical and organization cultural barriers that impede this great nation’s technology progress. With strategic concept in mind, PROCON principle officers have formulated a strategic plan enabling PROCON to deliver robust, reliable, and rapidly scalable interoperable infrastructures capable of achieving near real-time, and responsive global operations in defense of the United States of America, alliances, and supporting commercial organizations.

PROCONs core technology objectives focus on competencies such as optimization, innovation, and successful delivery of technology solutions and services to meet enterprise, small business, government, and commercial entities.

``There is no doubt PROCON is positioned to provide great service and innovative technology to global customers as a direct result of the leadership and prior technical Warrant Officer experience...``
Raymond Thompson


One our main technologies strategy is to offer service and solutions with the goal of “information dominance” in mind. Optimizing customer information technology investments and more rapidly deployable IT capabilities through leveraging PROCON’s highly skilled, innovative workforce allows organizations to meet and exceed the DODs emerging and expanding mission requirements.

Innovative services, solutions, and concepts are driving factors in PROCON’s success. Innovative services, solutions, and concepts drive PROCONs success. PROCON’s promoting of innovative approaches to sharing data, improving resource access methods, and using enable knowledge workers to build on tomorrow’s innovation, greatly increased commercial entities, DOD partners, and strategic alliances advances to achieve an information advantage with shared awareness, interoperable solutions, and greater collaboration across the spectrum of joint and combined operations.

Delivery of a well-balanced suite of Enterprise Services through leverage the latest commercial off the shelf (COTS) applications and hardware enable PROCON to provide secure, continuously available, enabling net-centric information sharing via a service-oriented information enterprise.