Cyber Security Program Development and Risk Assessment Management

Professional Consulting Technologies, LLC (D.B.A. PROCON) is proud to announce it has been awarded a contract for the State of Georgia Department of Labor (DOL). PROCON will lead the DOLs security program initiatives and perform risk analysis, internal risk assessments, and assure system hardening. PROCON consultants will aid DOL in establishing security related policies related to data access, user rights, and application privileges and data protection.

PROCON consultants are hands-on working with AWS cloud provider to talk in detail about various security concepts, federal guidelines and enforcement.  We are providing key functions that include:

  • Establishing security policies relating to data access, user rights and application privileges, security utilities and data protection.
  • Administering policies and procedures for identifying, reporting, and resolving security violations.
  • Benchmarking and analyzing reports while making recommendations for the improvement of data security.
  • Effectively leading the project’s security planning; including fostering planning projects, and organizing and negotiating the allocation of resources.
  • Oversees provision of data security services.
  • Effectively collaborates with stakeholders and infrastructure partner to define security requirements for new technology implementations.
  • Directs research on potential security solutions in support of procurement efforts.
  • Effectively negotiates and administers data security related vendor, outsourcer, and consultant contracts and service agreements.
  •  Manages IT security staffing, including recruitment, supervision, scheduling, development, and evaluation
  •  Deploys, manages and maintains all security systems and their corresponding or associated software; including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, cryptography systems, and anti-virus software.
  •  Develops, implements, maintains, and oversees enforcement of policies, procedures and associated plans for system security administration and user system access based on industry-standard best practices.