Inide Plant Cabling and Tray and Wireless Access Point Installation

Professional Consulting Technologies, LLC (PROCON), Mansfield, Ohio has been awarded contract# W91364-15-P-0202 to provide full operational base support to the Ohio Mansfield National Guard Bureau. Under this contract, PROCON will provide inside plant installation for structured cabling support, cable wire tray mounting, and data connectivity for base NIPR and SIPR. Engineers will install and configure a full suite of Avaya 4850GT layer2/3 switches.  Additional support includes the installation, operation, and maintenance of Aruba 175 Wireless Access Points (WAPs).

Operational Support

PROCON’s engineers oversee the day-to-day operations of Air Force Wi-Fi, Local Area Network, and computer networks including hardware/software support, wireless network sustainment, training, and special projects, plans, design, and implements data connectivity for LAN/WAN systems. We provide agency-wide system installation, backup, maintenance and problem resolution to complex network connectivity issues. Our engineers document meticulous LAN user documentation including hardware/software applications, support logs, and other related information; researches and recommends network and server hardware and software as well as installing, designing, configuring, and maintaining system hardware and software and performance analysis. PROCON engineers directly support 179th AW/NG requirements through:

  • WAP/LAN/WAN Installation – Our engineers install, operate, and maintain new Wi-Fi LAN infrastructure including, Wireless Access Points, Air Monitors, Antenna’s, and cabling support fs into the existing Intelligent Workstation on an IWS/LAN infrastructure

Installation, operation, and manages Mansfield, Ohio base Aruba AP 135 and 175 wireless access points (WAPs), and air monitors (AMs) infrastructure. Network technicians designed and configured wireless device and peripherals to communicate with Air Force information infrastructure using various USAF ETL, NCE 2011, and NFPA 70 standards. Designs, configures, and implements USAF network infrastructure components into existing USAF infrastructure. Technicians installed access, distribution, and core telecommunications cabling, switches, and various Transport Control Internet Protocols (TCP/IP) components to communicate to provide voice, video, and data services.

  • Maintains Server Hardware/Software – Our engineers modify software and replace hardware as required to ensure full operation readiness through connecting to the appropriate Internet and network domain. Software is fully tested as needed to make workstations and LANs operational, including Government-development applications, e-mail, and personal productivity software using instructions provided by 179th AW/NG