Cyber Security Consultant and Technical Writing Services

PROCON provides Information Security Consultation and Technical Writing Services to Cylance, Incorporated; a leader in Malware Services and Enterprise Endpoint Detection. PROCON’s security consultants and technical writers candidates provide  quality assurance, quality control, and technical writing support for all cybersecurity deliverables. Consultants are responsible for using quality methods and procedures to assist in the development of Cylance cybersecurity deliverables.  Additionally, PROCON provides guidance, recommendations and consultation on the implementation of standards and requirements outlined by FISMA, NIST, and the ISO family standards. PROCON is actively engaged in Cylance’s cybersecurity Red Team preparation and customer deliverables ensuring requisite documentation (security categorizations, risk assessments, contingency plans, cybersecurity system assessment reports, vulnerability assessment reports, etc.), meet established QA standards, contractual guidelines, and technical requirements including prescribed security controls, policies, and practices adhered to industry standards.